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Impact Hub is all about community – community for change, for impact, for sharing, for growing. The strongest communities are built not only with openness but with intention and purpose. Impact Hub Montréal and Impact Hub Ottawa are excited to be hosting the 2018 Global Gathering,


50+ countries 
102 cities 
17 000+ members
2 000+ start-ups founded 

The Event: Makers Festival 2018

Neighborhood, Network, World: Co-Creating for a better tomorrow

Once a year, Impact Hub Makers (Staff and partners of Impact Hubs) gather to share best practices in hosting collaborative spaces and global networks for impact. This year, hosted in Impact Hub Montreal’s unique church setting, Salon 1861, we look forward to exploring the practice of hosting, innovating the business model of shared spaces, and governance from the local to global level.


Details: An opening ceremony

2 full days
3 keynote speakers
27 workshops on community hosting, business innovation global governance model.
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Official # : #makersfest18
Others: #impacthubmtl #Impacthub #IHgathering